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We are a search engine giving you the less popular search results often omitted by mainstream search giants. Our long term goal is to become the best search engine on the Internet for traditional web search.

You can add your URL to make sure your site is included in the index. There's also a page with useful webmaster tools where you can check your IP address and a couple of other things.

There's several way you can advertise your site on Secret Search Engine Labs. Read more about the advertising opportunities on the ad page.

Read about our search technology powered by PHP and mySQL and how we strive to provide you relevant results using a much smaller index than the average search engine.

Our web spider roams the Internet, obaying robots.txt, and collects the pages and links that we index. If you have any problems with our spider on your website use the email address provided on the spider page to tell us what's going on.

Office Contact

Secret Search Engine Labs is an internet search engine operated by Text Ad King, a company based in Malax, Finland.

Text Ad King
Simon Byholm
66160 Langaminne

Search Resources

We have compiled a list of search engines where you can find other search engines to try out. I'm not afraid to list our competitors. There's many different flavors of search and if ours is not for you then I'm glad to show you the alternatives.

Our search software is currently not for sale but on the search engine software page you can find a list (down at the bottom) of both free and commercial search software that you can use to build an internet search engine or to make site search for your website.

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