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You can submit your website (or any site you like) to the search engine. It will be put into a queue and indexed later.

Benefits: By submitting your site URL to Secret Search Engine Labs you will get indexed, people who search for information here will find your site and you will get a live link back to your site and every page on your site will get it's own information page including a live keyword rich link back to that page.

Submission Rules: Currently all submission are accepted but please note the following restrictions that save us some diskpace.

  • URLs with query strings (containing a '?' character) will not be indexed
  • Only the first directory level of a domain will be indexed, i.e. will be indexed but will NOT be indexed.
  • URLs longer than 120 characters are not accepted. (keeps a lot of autogenerated pages out of the index)
  • You only really need to add your site index as our spider will crawl the rest of your site anyway, but you can submit any number of pages if you want

Number of URLs Waiting in Queue the last 14 days can be seen from the chart below. We add new URLs to the index whenever the spider has some free time but at least a couple of URLs per day.

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Bookmark and Share

To get a free dofollow link to your site, just social bookmark or link to the details page of your site. When Google finds your details page the followed link will increase your Google rank.

You can find the details page by submitting the URL a second time AFTER it has been included in the index.

Just be careful not to spam other sites or email addresses. We will remove sites that promote the details page by sending unsolicited email or placing unwanted links on other peoples sites.

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