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Current time is: Sat, 25 Mar 2023 13:34:23 +0200

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Keywords in index: 612,140,687 (updated daily)
Unique keyphrases: 14,595,520 (updated daily)
Last new keyphrase found: liano ii

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10 most recent search phrases

This is what people are searching for now with the numbers being the number of times the complete search phrase has been found on the Internet

cnc - 3923 times, mastercam - 38 times, facebook - 76057 times, ENVIRONMENT - 42258 times, Kerry - 1923 times, Bruno Manach - 34 times, affluence - 245 times, felipe neto - 20 times, DELIGHT ROSE SAFARIS - 1 times, business - 94767 times,

You can see the relative frequency of the 10 most recently searched keyphrases in the pie chart. Click inside the chart to lookup that keyword.

Daily Pages Indexed (New and Reindexing)

Every day our spider fetches new and old pages and updates the index to reflect the new page contents and link structure. Here's a graph of the number of pages indexed per day.

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The page count depends on system load, the length and complexity of the pages (blogs tend to consume a lot more time to index as the have a diverse collection of keywords, often as many as 2000 different keywords on a page)

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